You’re angry.  Now what? 

It’s been an emotionally brutal week for most of us, if not all of us, after the election and resulting outcome. We are shocked, outraged, and feeling the push to action. Taking down the walls that have kept so many repressed is not going to happen quickly or easily. We, as a collective conscious, are going to have to create the change we wish to see in our culture. We must get involved with organizations that empower us and others to be better human beings, to be kind, compassionate, and loving to those in every walk of life. We must stop living in fear of speaking our truth. We will take our anger and let it motivate us to make our communities stronger and better. 

As insight into our next step to action I drew the card of the Goddess Ishtar. She is representative of becoming more assertive, the divine feminine, nurturing, mothering, healing, protection and wisdom, a sincere desire to give of service. She also reminds us to put up boundaries. Boundaries against our time and energy. If we feel tired, guilty, or resentful while helping others we aren’t truly helping them. We are reminded not to do things out of guilt or obligation, but rather to do things our hearts and souls are pushing us to do. 

All things with grace and ease, love and compassion, kindness and mindfulness. 




Let’s discuss the full moon first. When the moon is full it is a perfect time to release anything that is no longer serving you. Things like behaviors, emotions and patterns. Moon rituals are a wonderful way of connecting and attuning yourself with the moon’s energy. One way you can do this is to simply meditate under the moon’s rays. You could light a fire, or candle. Write down all that you wish to release and then burn the paper. Release it and let it go with the smoke from the fire. Full moons are also a perfect time to cleanse your crystals, jewelry and cards. You can also make moon water to use with rituals. The June full moon represents womb wisdom. Our sacred intuition and inner knowing. Listen to what your body is telling you. Pay attention to the signs the universe is showing you. Write them down in a journal and look at them later for contemplation.
The summer solstice is a time when all four planes of life are aligned with the physical-the spiritual, mental, astral, and the etheric. Take advantage! It’s a great time for new beginnings,
new attitudes and new perspectives. This is the ideal time to renew the mind and attune to the highest realms through a merging of the crown and third eye chakras. Maybe this would be a perfect time for a Reiki session? Or card reading? Get together with your coven, or spiritual community, and partake in some shared space. Keep an air of celebration as you are celebrating new life- new birth.
A grand cross, astrologically speaking, is said to occur when all four planets are all separated from each other by square aspects, so that they form a cross. A cardinal grand cross will cause difficulty in accomplishing goals because we will feel like we have to get it all done at once! I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but we actually won’t get much done during this time. And that is okay because if we are in tune with the full moon and solstice energies we should be feeling and contemplating these next phases in our life anyway.
Spend some wonderful time with your self in the next few days. Relax and enjoy. Take in the energies and let them work their magic.
Blessed be my dear sisters and brothers)O(

Updated pricing, services and upcoming offerings for summer 2016!! 

Services provided 

REIKI $45/hr ​Energy healing method that promotes deep relaxation and balance within the body and mind.

EMOTION RELEASE THERAPY $1/minute ​Trapped emotions within the body are determined by muscle testing and released with magnet therapy.  

CHAKRA BALANCING $20​Restoring harmony to energy centers using essential oils and breathing techniques.

CARD READINGS $1/minute​


INTUITIVE COUNCILING $1/minute​A variety of energy healing techniques and divination.



???Want to spice up ladies night, or jazz up a bachelorette party???

In home group parties are available!




Reiki circles


Empowerment and Enlightenment for Women gatherings !!!






Live as “if” …

If you want the law of attraction to work for you you need to live as “if.” See yourself already having what you want. Behave as though you already have it. 

Want that different job? See yourself in that position. What changes can you make to move into that space? Is there a way that you can already be doing the tasks you would be assigned? 

Want to find that perfect partner? Act as if you already have them in your life. See movies you would see with that person. Go to restaurants and stores that you would go to in this relationship. 

Clearing out old energy space can also help you attract what you want in this life. 

Reiki is a great way to balance and heal this old energy space. 

Out with the old and in with the new! 

Act as “if!” 

Here’s a powerful affirmation for those of you looking to transition into a new job/career/position. 


Where does the energy come from when receiving a Reiki treatment? 

When you are receiving a Reiki treatment the practioner acts as a vessel for which the universal life force energy flows freely through them and into the clients energy field to balance emotional, mental and physical issues. When the body  accepts this energy it is able to heal itself at a very deep level. 

Universal life force energy is the energy that surrounds everything. It’s what makes us “feel” things intuitively. It’s the love that flows freely between all things. This energy is unconditional in its comfort and grace. This energy sees us as whole and healed. 

Reiki practioners are trained in directing this energy to where it is needed in the body. This energy flows through them, not from them. 

When you are receiving a Reiki treatment you will be able to feel the flow of energy. Usually this takes place in the form of heat, vibration and seeing of colors. Some clients may also experience cool sensations and a tremendous release of emotion. 

There is nothing “tricky” or “occult” in nature about the energy used in Reiki. It can be explained by using the example of Christian practices of laying of hands and using the Holy Spirit to move the graceful energy into the body of the person needing healing. Some even see it as a form of prayer. 

I invite you to experience this energy by having a Reiki session with me. 

Contact me @ my Facebook page/Triple Goddess Healer

Or @ Heather M Devereaux 

Happy Beltane 🌞🌕🙏🏻👐🏻💐🔥✨

Beltane is the halfway point between spring and summer where we celebrate the fertility of the earth and the male and female coming together as one. This is a great time to set your intentions for the coming year. 

Three cards were chosen as I set up my alter today. The first was a reminder of true love and romantic stirrings in your heart. The second card is to bring balance. The third to keep charging ahead. 

Wonderful reminders as we celebrate the unity and fertility of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. 

Take a moment and breathe some fresh air. Take a yoga class and eat great food today. Spend time with family and friends. Send out your intentions for the coming year into the Universe. Make love. Build a fire. Sleep. Have a glass of wine. Do something that makes your soul happy! 

Happy Beltane! 

Blessed be )O( 

Getting out of your own way. 

The Universe is always supporting you, always loving you, always guiding you. But you too, must do these things for your self. How are you loving your self? What more could be done to facilatae your soul’s growth? What about releasing patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you? 

There are several ways of doing this. You can journal, meditate, exercise, take a yoga class or a hot salt bath. Recieve a Reiki session or have a massage. Most importantly move your thoughts and your body. 

Notice the patterns in your life. Notice the behaviors and the outcomes of situations that are most likely repeating themselves over and over. You will repeat a lesson until it’s learned. 

Stay open to thoughts and feeling that arise. Study them, learn from them and then let them go. You don’t need them anymore. Make room in your life for blessings. 

Have a community where you feel safe and loved to talk things through. Where hugs are given freely and there is a practice of discernment and not judgement. 

Create a space just for you. A sacred alter upon which you may lay your heaviest burdens, and your joys. Let the universe take these things and balance the energy and send it back to you for your highest good. 

Pray! It doesn’t matter what you believe or who your praying to, as long as you are releasing. 

And make sure to stay open to the blessings that are most certainly coming your way. A miracle is only a shift in thought, a different way of seeing a situation. 

I challenge you to move some energy today, in what ever way speaks to you. Purge the old and make way for the new! 


Moon/Lunar water; how to and its uses 🌕 

You will need: 

  1. Glass container of your choice. 
  2. Water
  3. Crystals/stones/oils 
  4. Sea salt 
  5. Prayer or blessing to be said over water

Place in direct moonlight the night before or the night of the full moon. Set your intentions of what you will be using the water for. You can place the sign of the cross, or use Reiki symbols to infuse the water. 

Uses for moon water include:

  1. Blessing/clearing a home or room
  2. Watering plants and gardens
  3. Wash crystals and stones to clear and recharge them
  4. Foot soak
  5. In bath
  6. Place water into smaller jars to put next to bed to help sleep, or wherever you need the moon’s energy 
  7. Aids in card readings, Reiki or massage

Happy Moon/Lunar water making! 

Blessed be )O( 

Full moon card reading

April’s full moon, also known as the pink moon. A time for growth, rebirth and blossoming of self. Take time to release what no longer serves and provide room for blessings to enter your space.

 The cards remind us that this life is about balance. There must be injustice to know justice, violence to know peace and force to know freedom. 

Be mindful of financial matters. All things in moderation. There will be a positive outcome. 

The goddess cards of Athena and Mother Mary remind us of our own inner strength and wisdom. There is no reason to give away your power to others. Trust your intuition. Keep your thoughts positive and know that the universe is working with, and for you. 

Let’s all do some spring cleaning of our emotional bodies this full moon. Pray, dance, scream, cry, meditate or do what ever you feel will release the stored up emotional baggage. 

Go and stand under Her glorious rays of moonlight and let go. 

Blessed be )O(